Redgrave & Rosenthal LLP

Immediately following a close relation’s death, there are complicated issues that must be addressed. It is always advantageous to have the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

The Estate and Trust Administration Group assists beneficiaries and fiduciaries of estates and trusts. We work closely with Redgrave & Rosenthal’s Estate Planning Group to ease the transition from the planning to the administration of an estate.

Estate & Trust Administration

Trust and administration services retain their utility after termination of the estate. A continuing trust dictates evolving duties and responsibilities. We ensure you are current with and aware of changing laws. Proactive counsel illuminates issues that may arise in the future.

Federal Estate, Gift & Generation Skipping Taxation

We prepare federal estate tax returns when appropriate. Your attorney works closely with the estate’s other tax advisors. Income and other tax matters are properly and timely addressed. Careful scrutiny of how all assets are reported minimizes the likelihood of an audit. Should a tax issue arise, we represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service.

Fiduciary Representation & Liability

Fiduciaries’ duties are to both the beneficiaries and creditors of an estate. We help you determine to whom you owe a duty, how to fulfill that duty, and how to deal with competing duties. Understand the powers you have and what actions go beyond your powers. They can subject you to personal liability.