Redgrave & Rosenthal LLP


Plan. Problem Solve. Partner.

We are a concierge practice. By any reasonable measure our fees are within the customary range. By measure of the services and expertise we provide, they are notably reasonable. We’re proud of this.

“Concierge” describes open communication and unhurried, respectful engagement with lawyers who know you.

You decide whether Delray Beach’s Hagen Ranch Road office or the Boca Raton Mizner Park office best suits your convenience and schedule. Visit one or the other as circumstances dictate. We’ll meet you in either. Your reserved parking is convenient and always free.

Your attorney is a practice area expert at the very top of the profession, a gifted and experienced practitioner. Confident and exceptionally skilled, Redgrave & Rosenthal attorneys’ excellence is a professional and personal choice. This is our firm culture.

Relational not transactional, our only contract is the trust we earn.

Expect efficiency.